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In Search of Sunlight

It’s been a while since I last posted anything in this blog. I have lots of excuses to back it up though: Firstly, there’s work that gets in the way when the weather seemed to be ideal for a photoshoot. Of the few times that the weather seemed to cooperate, I am assigned┬áto do 24/7 on-call shifts ­čśŽ ┬áThen there’s another hobby of mine that has been competing with photography: music. I was gigging around Brisbane before I shifted into photography. It was my day job that required me to fly all around Australia to conduct trainings and do consultancy work and it was because of this that I had to quit my band. Travel was taking its toll and I needed something that would sustain me and keep me excited. And so I decided to take photos. Photography betrayed my music and now it was payback time for my guitar.

When the Christmas holiday season started, I still could not shoot. I already had two gigs booked which required me to learn about 20 songs, most of which I have not heard and played before. But that’s over and, as always, the bad weather strikes again whenever I am free to shoot.

The weather forecast tells me it’s going to be stormy for at least 10 days. By then, my holiday break would soon be over. Heck, the year would soon be over. Yesterday I decided to make a suicide run.

I know it was going to be very gloomy so I had to pick a subject that would work well on overcast weather conditions. Water falls and creeks come to mind but I find them to be uncertain and dangerous especially with the non-stop rain. I chose to shoot flowers.

With my gummy boots and trusty weather-sealed Olympus EM-5 camera and 12-50 kit lens pair, I made a two-hour suicide drive into unknown weather conditions. The destination was a small town called Allora where I’m supposed to find sunflower fields. The Willy Weather iPhone app told me that rain is expected during the morning and afternoon so I started driving at 10AM hoping to get there by mid day. Mid day is usually bad for landscape photography but the overcast skies should give me the soft light that I needed for the flower shots.

I got there at exactly 12 noon but I could not find any sunflowers. There was a tourist drive called sunflower route but it seemed like they have already harvested the sunflowers. After an additional 10kms of driving I finally found acres of sunflower fields. What’s really surprising was that this field was unfenced. It is quite rare here in Australia to have something like this that is totally unfenced and I did not see any “No Trespassing” sign anywhere. I parked along the shoulder road and started framing shots. After about 20 frames, I called it a day and started the long drive home.





Such is the beauty and frustration of landscape photography. You go into the unknown hoping that you would return with some decent shots. In my case, a four-hour drive and a late 3PM lunch got me four frames that I thought were good enough. No, I am not really happy about them but this is better than nothing. I haven’t shot for a few months and I needed to break the spell.

That’s it for me. (Belated) Merry Christmas and may all of you have a prosperous 2015!