The Theory of Reverse Evolution

The Theory of Reverse Evolution

aka Demonism (eeeek!!!)

As per yours truly, creation of new information as proposed by Darwin is mathematically improbable. I therefore propose the Theory of Reverse Evolution which states that:

A complete set of genes already existed right from the start and therefore organisms were already highly complex. Diversification and simplication happened due to LOSS of genes.

This theory can be proven if fossils of modern flora/fauna can be found together with other fossils that were thought to have been “formed” and became extinct millions of years ago. For example, if you find human fossils together with dinosaur fossils in the same soil stratum.


1. More intelligent and complex alien life forms may have possibly come from earth. We, humans, are simplifications of these alien life forms. Yes, the aliens have left us on earth.
2. It would provide a scientific explanation for Creationism.


3 thoughts on “The Theory of Reverse Evolution”

  1. A “theory” – a hypothesis actually – with zero evidence from nature to replace a scientific theory with truckloads of evidence from nature. Theory of evolution is a “theory” in the same sence theory of gravity is a “theory”.

      1. No need to be rude.

        Evidence for evolution is extraordinarily large. Evolution is a scientific fact.
        You hypothesis is not based on any evidence. Organisms have evolved into more complex ones over billions of years – the fossil records alone show this. The fossil records do not support your idea, but contradict it.

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