The Many Faces of Lake Moogerah

I discovered Lake Moogerah by accident. I was driving towards Warwick, a city located southwest of Brisbane, when I stumbled upon this magical place. Since then, I have been camping and taking photos of the location. The spot never disappoints. I would always find something new every time I visit.

For the past two weeks I have shot Lake Moogerah twice and I could not help but wonder how quickly it changes. There is no better way to show that than by giving sample shots of this beautiful place.


That’s Lake Moogerah during sunset when the sun is just kissing the horizon. A few minutes later, the warm light is replaced by fiery clouds:


If you stayed until it gets dark and waited for the moon to rise, you’ll get warm light again. This one is when the moon is just above the horizon:


At close to 11PM when the moon is high above the sky, you’ll get much cooler colours and it looks something like this:


Notice the stars hiding behind the clouds. đŸ™‚

And that’s Lake Moogerah in four shots.


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