Child Pornography

This father decided to capture nude photos of his daughter and posted them in the internet. A lot of concerned netizens voiced out their strong opposition against this stupid act and so to prove them wrong, this same father decided to create a gallery exhibit. More info here:

Sorry fucktard but you are a pervert.

There is a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE between capturing CANDID shots and capturing STAGED shots of your innocent NUDE daughter.

Children generally do not care about being nude in front of the public. They do not know of the implications. They are unaware of a lot of things about their bodies. They do not care if they are fat or thin or tall or short. They just don’t care. Let me spell that out: they do not know that their bodies can be used for pleasure. That’s the innocence of a child.

What you just did has corrupted the innocence of your daughter. By stripping her naked and making her pose in front of a camera, you are making her aware that there is something in her nude body that is potentially “interesting”. Interesting not to herself but to YOU, asshole. You need not brainwash a child to appreciate her body. She doesn’t have to. She doesn’t fucking care. But YOU do and you should. It is your duty to protect that innocence. What you did was feed your daughter to other perverts who are possibly worse than you. How many child molesters do you think now have copies of your daughter’s nude photos?

So there!

Having said that, I couldn’t help but compare this act when performed on an adult. It’s the exact opposite. If you shoot a naked adult, who is unaware of your presence, then you have invaded her privacy. Shooting a nude adult who is willing to pose in front of the lens is fair game; she has your full consent.

Know the difference.

You deserved the wrath of the internet.


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