The First 100


Welcome to my 100th post!

To be honest, I didn’t expect to get this far with blogging. I have attempted to start writing in several other sites before but I never really got motivated to move forward with them. I am a computer geek by profession and I spend most of my day in front of a computer managing Linux servers scattered all over the world. In my spare time I customise Linux distributions for my own workstation needs. I’m not really sure what kept me writing this time around. It’s probably because I decided to cover photography instead of the usual computer-related topics.

I’m relatively new to photography. I formally started back in April of 2009. I still remember my first photoshoot session. Me and a friend started driving at 4AM to get to our destination before sunrise. It was then that I learned that to capture a good shot you will have to make some sacrifices, like sleep for example. I remember shooting every weekend for several months from 5-9AM and going home with a thousand frames with no keepers. I didn’t really understand photography back then. I mean, I still don’t understand most of it now but back then I was practically clueless. The most important thing that happened for me was getting hooked in this hobby and I have been shooting ever since.

At this point I would like to thank the beginners in photography for asking those (sometimes silly) questions in forums. They were my sources of ideas for articles. A special thanks as well to those who keep on spreading nonsense — you inspire me to write some more.

Some of you might notice that a few of my articles are quite controversial. The most popular ones were those that attempted to debunk the myth of full frame superiority namely:


I feel that it is my duty to educate those who are new to photography. The biggest problem at the moment is that photography has become a contest of who has got the largest camera and fastest lens. Beginners feel inadequate just because they don’t own a full frame or a prime lens. It’s not just gear but starters are also made to feel incapable just because they are shooting in auto mode or in JPEG. Armchair photographers have set up artificial walls that prevent beginners from enjoying and moving forward with photography: Your small camera isn’t good enough; Learn to shoot in manual mode; You will not get far with only a kit lens. No wonder only a very few of them continue with their hobby. This kind of bullshit has to stop.

I have chosen NOT to write about topics that everyone will just agree with. If everyone will just agree with me then what’s the point in writing? You might as well go to any forum and drink the kool aid. Instead, I write about the advantages of smaller cameras, your cheap kit lens, why you might want to shoot in JPEG or why you should learn to shoot instead of dealing with a lot of nonsense.

There are times when I feel like writing something highly technical but in a simplified way. My background is in Physics and I understand that not everyone is comfortable with numbers. The topics that I covered were not the usual stuff that everyone knows but instead I discussed the most commonly misunderstood concepts that most people think they already know by heart such as resolution and exposure.

I would also like to apologise to those who felt uncomfortable with the tone of my articles. Rest assured that they were not aimed at you unless you were one of the idiots in forums who called me stupid for using physics and math to prove that you are a moron for believing and spreading that bullshit. You know who you are and it feels good to be vindicated. Thanks for the free publicity.

If you got this far, thanks for reading. I can’t wait to write some more. I actually have a list of topics in the queue already. I’ll talk about the camera that I recently won in the Olympus Asia-Oceania Grand Prix photo contest in my next post so stay tuned.



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