Snowy Pilgrimage 2012

Tomorrow I will be embarking on a journey to Snowy Mountains…again. This will be the fourth time in four consecutive years that I’m doing this crazy long drive from Brisbane to Snowy Mountains going through Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Sydney, Canberra and Cooma. I’m estimating a total driving distance of 4000 kilometers.

Unlike other countries, winter in Australia isn’t that cold. It means there won’t be snow everywhere. It also means it won’t be boring 🙂

At this point, I’m busy preparing my stuff: iPhone, batteries, chargers, CB radio and of course my snow gear. I haven’t decided which DSLR to bring yet. I’m definitely bringing my Nikon FM3A film camera and lots of film. I probably would bring my Nikon D700 again because it could share lenses with the FM3A. The K5 though feels more reliable and easier to use but my Nikon has a better lens. Hmmmm….

Anyway, I will keep updating this blog and posting photos as I go. One thing for sure, my iPhone will have captured more shots than any of my SLRs combined 🙂


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