The Photographer Test

Are you a real photographer? Take the test to find out.

The scoring is as follows: a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, d = 4 (duh?!)

1. How many cameras do you have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) too many

2. How many different brands of cameras do you have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) I have a museum in my house.

3. How many types of cameras do you have?
a) just a point-and-shoot
b) P&S and DSLR
d) P&S, (D)SLR, MILC, RF, MF, LF, etc…

4. How did you manage to buy your camera(s)?
a) salary bonus
b) after 3 years of having instant noodles for lunch
c) spread the cost using 5 credit cards
d) sold a kidney

5. Did your partner approve of the purchase?
a) after buying her favorite bag
b) after I got admitted in the hospital for too much MSG in my system
c) after she discovered the huge bill
d) partner left after she discovered it wasn’t just the kidney

6. How big/heavy is/are your camera(s)?
a) fits in a small shoulder bag
b) requires a medium size backpack
c) the airline won’t let me board with them
d) I have regular sessions with my chiropractor

7. My fastest camera’s frame rate is…
a) I can never capture a jump shot
b) between 3-5 fps
c) 5+ fps
d) I slow down my clicking when the shutter jams like a typewriter.

8. How many lenses do you have?
a) just a single kit lens
b) one good lens and a 50mm are a must
c) the holy trinity of lenses
d) the holy trinity for two different brands and more

9. What is your fastest lens?
a) options b, c and d don’t make any sense
b) 4.0
c) 1.8 or 1.4
d) 1.2 or faster

10. How fast is your fastest zoom/telephoto lens?
a) options b, c and d still don’t make any sense
b) 5.6
c) 2.8 baby!!!
d) my 800/4 is slow 😦

11. What color is your favorite lens?
a) colorful
b) plain black
c) white with red ring / black with gold ring
d) desert camo

12. Any filters?
a) my camera has several art filters
b) UV is glued since day one
c) UV, CPL, (G)ND
d) do fingerprints count?

13. How many batteries do you have?
a) a lot!!! it needs 4 AA
b) one for each camera
c) each camera has a grip
d) several cameras have grips, some of them built-in. Very handy when my car fails to start.

14. Favorite metering mode:
a) duh?!
b) matrix
c) spot
d) sunny 16

15. Favorite shooting mode:
a) portrait mode
b) aperture priority
c) full manual FTW!
d) bulb mode. I use ND filters if it’s too bright.

16. Favorite focusing mode:
a) face detect
b) auto focus
c) manual focus
d) I move with my feet

17. Favorite photo editing software
a) my camera can upload straight to Facebook
b) Aperture or Lightroom
c) Photoshop
d) any hex editor will do

18. How about HDRs?
a) retouching any photo is evil
b) HDR is awesome!!!
c) no thanks, filters will do
d) I can stay in one spot until the second coming just waiting for the perfect light conditions.

19. Any brand loyalty?
a) whoever has the most megapixels
b) I’m a brand X fanboy
c) I’m an ambassador for brand X
d) The cameras that fail my tests are rebranded as CaNikon.

20. Where can we see your photos?
a) add me as a friend in Facebook
b) I post test charts in forums
c) My photos are in
d) NatGeo’s website redirects its photo gallery to my Android phone that’s running Apache.

So how did you go? Compare your score to the rankings below:

19 and below:
Dumb as a baboon. You skipped a few items. Do it again.

20 – 30:
A true beginner. Please read my other blog posts 🙂

31 – 69:
Measurebator. Nuff said.

70 – 79:
Amateur photographer. We want links to your photo galleries and schedules of your exhibits.

80 (and above):
A true master photographer soon to become the likes of Adams and Cartier-Bresson.


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