It’s the photographer, not the camera … is actually an insult

“It’s the photographer, not the camera.”

How many times have you read those words in the internet, in books, in IRC, and in forums? How many times have you, yourself, said those words to other photographers?

Do those words really mean what they seem to mean?

A typical forum conversation goes like this:

N00b1: I need to upgrade my camera because mine is noisy when I shoot at ISO 800. I need something that shoots clean at ISO 6400.
N00b2: Dude, it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.

Did N00b2 really mean what he said? Maybe, but most likely NOT!

How do we know if he meant what he said? Easy! Check if he is a gear whore. Check if he measurebates. If he has any of those two signs then you have just been insulted.

What he meant really was: “Dude, you suck at photography. No gear will ever make you shoot better photos.” The above is a very simple example. In forums, it usually takes a lot longer before someone shoots those same words at someone else. Those words come out during heated arguments as a subtle way of insulting without being counter-insulted.

What’s nasty about that comment is that it sounds so true and there’s no easy way to refute it. The one who hits first wins! End of argument. Or is it really the ultimate truth? (I will leave that answer for my next post)

So next time somebody says those words in forums, check their profile 🙂


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