First Win

It’s been more than a month since I received my shiny, new Olympus E-P3 Pen camera. When I heard about this new release by Olympus I got very excited. I have an E-P1 and I’m still enjoying it but the raving reviews of the E-P3 triggered some GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). I must be lucky to be living here in Australia ‘coz new technology is guaranteed to arrive on our shores months later than everyone else in the world. Which means even if I had the money, I won’t be able to buy it anyway.

As if right on cue, DCW ( Digital Camera Warehouse) had a photo contest themed “Get a Real Camera”. The aim was to show the world that photos taken with a real camera are indeed better than those taken with a mobile phone. The grand prize? A brand new E-P3 twin lens kit!!!

So I joined. The photo I submitted was this.

A lucky shot. Actually a very lucky shot and it was literally my last shot for the day after a very frustrating dawn shoot session. This was taken with my Nikon D700, a real camera 🙂

To cut the story short, I won and I’m now a very proud and happy owner of the E-P3. It came with the new 14-42 II and 40-150 lens kit in black finish. I would have preferred the chrome finish but I really can’t complain. Both lenses were designed to focus really quickly and quietly, an upgrade from the dismal performance of the previous models.

As mentioned, I already have an E-P1 which I got with the 17mm/2.8 pancake. What I like about the 17mm is its size and at f2.8 it’s quite fast. This has the equivalent of 35mm focal length in a full frame sensor which is my absolute favorite focal length. They say that the human eye has a field of view that closely matches a 50mm lens. I’m different. I think I see better with 35mm. Just by looking at a scene it seems like I could already figure out how it would fit exactly in the frame of a 35mm lens.

So I decided to give my E-P1 and 14-42mm lens to my brother and kept the 17mm prime with my E-P3.

I think a review of the E-P3 is in order for my next post. Stay tuned.


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