Why Lomobilography

Photography is my most serious hobby to date. Even more serious than my music although I have only been taking serious photos for barely a year. I have spent so much more money in such a short time than all of my musical instruments and gadgets combined. I have spent more time doing photography than any hobby I have been into. And yet I have earned, moneywise, nothing. Nada, zip, naught, zilch.

What’s driving me to keep on shooting? In one word: FUN! It is also so much more satisfying than anything I have done before. It would have taken me 5 years practicing the guitar to arrive at what I can accomplish with a camera right now. Ok, granting that my guitar skills are just average even after more than 17 years of on and off playing, but still…

The key words here are FUN and HOBBY. It’s when something starts becoming a chore that enthusiasm begins to fade.

I’m no pro. I can’t possibly shoot a thousand frames a day. Not with my day job. No. I would be lucky if 10% of the shots I take are worthy of posting on Flickr. At this rate, there’s no way I could make a living from this expensive hobby.

Enter Lomobilography. It’s fun. It is so much more forgiving than my usual shots. I don’t need a perfect exposure and composition before I click the shutter. I’m not saying it’s crap photography (craptography). Far from it. I still think about proper composition and consider whether a subject is interesting enough. That is why this is a bit different to common lomography. In my next post I shall expound on the similarities and differences of lomobilography and lomography.

Photography is a new-found hobby that I want to pursue as long as I’m physically capable. To keep my enthusiasm at high levels I want it to be fun. Lomobilography is fun.


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