HP Envy 15″ Laptop Mini Review

I went to Harvey Norman at Garden City yesterday and saw, for the first time, the new HP Envy 15″ laptop. A quad core Intel running at 1.6GHz with hyperthreading (total of 8 CPUs detected by Windows 7), 8G b RAM, 500Gb HDD, and a dedicated ATI GPU powering a full HD LED screen. It’s beautiful. Looks very much like a Macbook Pro. I don’t know how they managed to get away with it 😉

I’m sure this laptop can do everything that I need so I won’t discuss its performance. I am not a PC gamer although I do play games. It will be running Fedora (Linux) most of the time anyway if I get lucky enough to acquire it 🙂 It will be an awesome laptop for running virtual machines under KVM and for photo editing. The screen is bright and crisp and the colors are vibrant.

Now for the stuff that I don’t like:

1. The screen doesn’t open wide enough. I mean the angle is only about 120 degrees. Maybe even less. So if you will be using this on your lap, as in LAPtop, then you might be disappointed. Compared to my Lenovo T61 which opens 180 degrees, this to me is a severe limitation.

2. No built-in optical drive. It comes bundled with an external DVD burner though. Again, this is quite problematic for me. I already lug around two external USB drives plus two dozens of CDs/DVDs, so any additional equipment is a big no no for me.

Well I guess you can’t have everything. I’ll wait until Apple releases a Macbook Pro with full HD screen.


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