My Most Important Gadget

iPhone 3GSLet me get straight to the point. I just love my iPhone 3GS.

I first got an iPhone 3G as a replacement for my trusty Nokia N95. My N95 was no slouch either. It was my most overused gadget back then. I used it to take photos, capture videos, GPS navigation (yes, I managed to drive from Brisbane to Sydney, to Melbourne, to Canberra, to Snowy Mountains just with my N95 GPS) and just about anything I could imagine. The only problem with my N95 is that it frequently drops incoming calls. I don’t know why it does that but my N95 wasn’t the only unit having the same issue, so it must be a design problem.

So, three months before my contract with Vodafone expired, I decided to pay off my N95 and got an iPhone 3G running firmware 2.x.x. To be honest, I didn’t like it at first. The camera sucks, no video recording, no copy and paste (!!!), and no MMS (very important for me). Then came the 3.x.x firmware update with very important features such as MMS and copy/paste. GPS navigation also arrived with Tomtom. This is when I realized that I could no longer live without it.

Apple released the 3GS a few months ago. It has a faster CPU, 600MHz vs 400MHz of the 3G, double the RAM and a new GPU. I tried some of my friends’ iPhone 3GS and noticed the noticeable speed improvements. I just gotta have it. And so I did.

Take away any of my other gadgets but never my iPhone 3GS. I can’t live without this tool anymore. It’s simply the most important thing that I carry with me everyday. I travel around Australia half of the year and the GPS positioning and navigation alone is worth it. Video recording helps me store some of the most important events of my travels. The camera is no longer a slouch. It’s got touch autofocusing ๐Ÿ™‚ Couple this with the app called Photogene and you get a really nice photography tool. Facebook, Flickr, Ebay, Youtube or just plain internet browsing…I do all of these from within my iPhone. Who needs a netbook when you have an iPhone? With built-in tethering, I can get internet on my laptop anywhere there’s a phone signal. I also use my iPhone to play and create simple songs (I used to gig in Brisbane before I moved to my current job). When I’m bored, I play chess or sudoku. Although I still use my old iPod, which I received as a reward from the company I work for, I do have some songs stored in my iPhone just in case one of them runs out of battery ๐Ÿ™‚

So there.

BTW, I do not work for Apple. I work for the world’s leading open source company but I am not a fanatic. I would gladly pay for something that works, open source or not. I do not want to discuss my views about open source here. That will be a subject of another post.


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